About NETS Data


The 2020 National Establishment Time-Series High Technology Database© (NETS-HiTech) is a historical database that provides time-series information on establishment sales growth performance, job creation and destruction, changes in primary markets, merger and acquisitions, mobility patterns, and historical D&B ratings.

It contains annual time-series of information for over 6.8 million U.S. high technology establishments from January 1990 to January 2020 as defined using the detailed 8-digit SIC classification system (over 18,500 industries).

Access & Terms of Use

NETS-HiTech consists of a 1.5 GB compressed file of individual establishment time-series records in tab-delimited ASCII text format.

Registered users will be able to access the NETS-HiTech on a secure Duke Box.com folder and should download the data, and its accompanying documentation files as needed for use in their own database or statistical analysis software.

NETS-HiTech and its accompanying files are governed by the Terms of Use document linked below

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Current Duke University students, faculty, and staff may register for NETS-HiTech below.

Upon verification, registered users will receive a folder-sharing email from Duke Box.com allowing access to NETS-HiTech.

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