Using Thomson ONE


Thomson ONE requires MS Internet Explorer, and is optimized for IE9, IE10, and IE11. Thomson ONE is not compatible with the default MS Edge browser in Windows 10. MS Internet Explorer 11 (which will work) is available in Windows 10. Select Start > All Apps > Windows Accessories > Internet Explorer.

Make the following changes to your browser settings under Internet Options.

Operating System

ThomsonONE requires the Windows operating system and will not work on any Apple device running a Mac OS.

Mac users will need to use virtual machine (VM) software (Paralells or VMWare Fusion) and create a Windows 7 VM in order to use Internet Explorer and Thomson ONE.

Site licensed copies of VM software and Windows are available at this Duke OIT site.


Thomson ONE has a system-based limit of 20 simultaneous users. If you encounter an "All IDs are in use" message when attempting to connect to ThomsonONE, contact us by email or chat online.

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