Information for Incoming MBA & MMS Students

The Ford Library welcomes you to Fuqua! We've prepared this page to answer some questions we've received from incoming students regarding access to the Library's print and electronic resources.

Book Check-Out for New Students

New members of the Daytime MBA Class of 2012 may check out books from the Ford Library as long as they have a Duke picture ID card with them.

For those who have not yet obtained a Duke picture ID, any other official picture ID card may be used for a limited time. If you wish to use a non-Duke picture ID, please visit the Library in person from 8am - 4pm, Monday-Friday so that we can verify that your account is active in the system.

Please note that once the academic term begins, Duke ID cards are required to check out items.

Activating your Network and VPN Access

If you're a member of the Daytime class of 2012, and are on campus for the Language or Global Institutes, follow these steps to activate your access to Fuqua workstations and the VPN server:

  1. Login to a Library Database Room workstation using our walk-in user id and password available at the Library Circulation Desk.
  2. Open a web browser and login to FuquaWorld. Use the following to login:

    Username = your NetID
    Password = your Duke email password
  3. Once you've connected to FuquaWorld, look in the top right corner of the page and click the "My Profile" link. On your Profile page, you will see your original FuquaNet password.
  4. Copy down this password on a sheet of paper. Write carefully! This password is long and case-sensitive.
  5. Close the browser and log out of the Library workstation.
  6. Login again to the workstation; but this time use the following:

    Username: your NetID
    Password: your original FuquaNet password, copied down in Step 4.

    Type carefully! 3 failed login attempts will lock your account!
  7. Once you've logged in, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and click the "Change Password" button.
  8. We strongly recommend that you change your original FuquaNet password to match the password that you use to login to your Duke email and FuquaWorld.

    This will allow you to access Fuqua workstations, your Duke eMail, and FuquaWorld with a single Duke NetID and password.
  9. Logout of the workstation and login again using your NetID and the new password you created in Step 8 above. You're done! And can now login to any public workstation at Fuqua.

If you get a "Your account has been locked" error, please call Fuqua Technical Support at 919-660-7878. Give them your name and NetID and ask them to unlock your network domain account.

Off-campus Access to Databases and Licensed Web Sites

Off-campus access to a Library Database, LexisNexis for example, or co-branded web site ( or requires a Duke NetID and password, and/or VPN client software. Without a Duke NetID, you won't be able to download the VPN client and access Library databases and licensed web sites.`

While the Ford Library has no control over when Duke NetIDs and passwords are issued to newly admitted (and accepted) students, these NetIDs and passwords, created by Duke's Office of Information Technology, should be mailed to incoming students in early June. When you arrive at Fuqua, you will first need to login to the Fuqua network and activate your VPN access in order to use Library resources from off-campus.

On-campus Access to Databases and Licensed Web Sites

If you will be visiting on-campus during the summer, or coming to campus a few weeks early, one of our reference librarians will be glad to help you login to many of our databases and sites, even if you don't yet have your NetID and password.

And don't forget to come by the Library and sign up for one of our in-person guided tours after classes begin.

Our congratulations on your admission, and welcome to Fuqua!

The Ford Library Staff

Updated on: 06/23/14