Where is The Bloomberg?

There are five (5) Ford Library Bloomberg Terminals, with custom Bloomberg keyboards and dual-display flat panel monitors, located on workstations in the Library Data Resources Room.

Not at Fuqua? - There are also (3) Bloomberg terminals in the Brandaleone Lab for Data and Visualization Services in Bostock Library. If you are a Duke undergrad or grad student, you may find it more convenient to use these workstations.

You need a Bloomberg account, so request Bloomberg Access Instructions at our Circulation Desk or view them online..

Create an account

  1. Log in to a Bloomberg workstation using your Fuqua network, or Bloomberg Duke Walk-in username and password. Make sure that the dropdown in the login dialog is set to FUQUA.
  2. Double-click the Bloomberg icon on the Desktop and press the red CONN/DFLT key on the Bloomberg keyboard to get to the Bloomberg login screen.
  3. Create your personal Bloomberg account by clicking the blue “Create a New Login” text at the bottom center of the screen. You will need to have a cell phone, or an SMS-enabled device to receive your Account Activation Code from Bloomberg at the end of the account creation process.
  4. Detailed account creation instructions are HERE.
  5. After you create an account, you can work with this Getting Started Guide.

Installing the Excel Add-In

If you have previously created auto-updating Excel spreadsheets using the Bloomberg that you saved to your network drive or to a portable flash drive, you will need to install the Bloomberg Excel Add-in to your Windows user profile for each Bloomberg workstation you use.

  1. If you have either the Bloomberg software or the MS Excel application open, close them both .
  2. Select the MS Windows icon .... Bloomberg Folder ..... Install Office Add-ins
  3. You will see a small dialog box 'Install Office Add-In to this user's profile'. Press 'Install'.
  4. A message will display in the same box, listing the installed MS Office add-ins, including Excel. Close the box with the "x" in the upper right. Don't press 'Install' a second time.
  5. Start the Bloomberg application first, and login to the Bloomberg application.
  6. Now start MS Excel, and you should see a “Bloomberg” tab appear in the Ribbon.