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business news, scholarly and industry / trade publication articles.
Academic OneFile
A collection of peer-reviewed, full-text articles from the world's leading journals and reference sources, with extensive coverage of the physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, and other subjects. The database also contains podcasts and transcripts. Includes full-text coverage of the print New York Times back to 1995.
Amadeus contains comprehensive information on around 21 million companies across Europe, with a focus on private companies. Data includes company financials, financial strength indicators, ownership data, detailed corporate structures, and stock prices.
Audit Analytics via WRDS
Duke is subscribed to the Corporate & Legal module of Audit Analytics -- an integrated collection of databases focused on actions, disclosures and correspondence by companies, advisors, regulators and investors. Fuqua Users Only
Fuqua School of Business students, faculty, and staff have been provided with complimentary access to through a generous donation by Mr. R. Scott Collins (Duke Class of 1993), President, Fiduciary Wealth Advisors. This access is part of Barron's Experiential Learning Program for Fuqua. Contact for additional program details.
BCC Market Research
BCC's market research reports explore major economic, scientific, and technological developments in industrial, pharmaceutical, and high technology organizations. Duke currently subscribes to all report categories. Select a topic under the "My Categories" section after connecting to browse reports.
Provides industry financial analysis benchmarks and industry market trends. Industry Financial Reports analyze 5,500 lines of business and up to a dozen sales classes at US, state and metro levels. Industry market reports cover 9,000 business segments in market areas as small as a single zip code or as large as the US.
Bloomberg Professional
Comprehensive financial and news information system.
Blue Chip Financial Forecasts
Provides forecasts by major US banks and investment research firms for the future direction and level of U.S. interest rates. Forecasts cover each of the next six quarters for the Fed Funds Rate, Prime Rate, 3-month LIBOR and many other variables. This is a static data set (no updates available) covering the period from January 2001 - June 2018.
BMI Research
See FitchConnect
Business Source Complete
full text access to articles on management, finance, economics, industry, accounting, and international business from popular business magazines, scholarly journals, and trade publications.


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Calcbench is a financial data platform designed for detailed company financials and fundamental research on over 12,000 listed public companies. Calcbench pulls data via XBRL from the SEC's corporate financial repository to provide researchers with as-filed data, in line-item detail from the financials and footnotes of every 10-K, 10-Q, Earnings Releases, proxy statements, 8-Ks, and SEC comment letters.
Capital IQ
See S&P Capital IQ
CB Insights
CB Insights is a global market intelligence platform that analyzes data on venture capital, startups, patents, partnerships, news, and more. CB Insights features data visualization tools, query capabilities, and a research portal managed by CB Insights' in-house Intelligence Unit. First time users must create a personal CB Insights account using their Duke email address.
Compustat (North America) via WRDS
provides the annual and quarterly Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and supplemental data items on most publicly held North American companies.
Compustat Global via WRDS
provides financial data covering publicly traded companies in more than 80 countries, representing over 90% of the world's market capitalization.
Corporate Governance (via SDC Platinum)
Includes Poison Pill and Proxy Fight modules.
Corporate Restructurings (via SDC Platinum)
Includes Full Detail Bankruptcies (1988-present), Limited Detail Bankruptcies (1980-1990), and Exchange Offers modules.
CRSP Mutual Funds via WRDS
provides historical and current mutual fund NAVs, profiles, monthly asset data, and data on "dead" funds.
CRSP + Compustat Merged File via WRDS
time series data for security prices, returns, and volume data for the NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq. The Merged file includes detailed income statement and balance sheet data from Compustat.
Data Axle (fka Reference USA)
Getting redirect errors? Enable VPN & use this link.
Contains detailed information, including addresses and phone numbers, on more than 59 million U.S. businesses, 158 million U.S. residents, 1.2 million U.S. health care providers, and 310 million U.S. Consumers.
Data-Planet Statistical Datasets
Provides access to statistical data produced by U.S. Federal agencies, States, private organizations, and major intergovernmental organizations. Includes key economic indicators, and detailed data on banking, finance, and insurance.
DataStream Advance
Time series data covering equity prices, bonds, market indices, futures and options, and interest and exchange rate data.


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EconLit with Full Text
an index to articles in economics, including economic history, economic theory, microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance, production, and more.
The for Duke offers full text and full image access to the entire current print edition of The Economist Magazine, the print archive, plus additional web content not available in the print magazine - updated daily.
Click “View Online” to continue Factiva provides full text access to Dow Jones and Reuters Newswires, The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, other Dow Jones publications, and extensive newspaper & journal coverage.
A web-accessible version of the FactSet Workstation software providing access to comprehensive news, data, and analytics on global financial markets, economics, companies and industries.
FitchConnect Macro Intelligence
Formerly BMI Research, now FitchConnect Macro Intelligence. This module contains international research reports on 175 countries expanding at over 7,600 economic/political country reports and 2,120 industry sector reports each year. Many reports focus on security, market, and economic risk.
Forrester Research
Contains market research reports and data for the online economy with a focus on the impact of IT developments on businesses and consumers.
Foundation Directory Online
The directory contains information about the largest public and private foundations in the U.S. and links to foundation web sites. This edition includes full text access from more than 250,000 IRS 990 forms, 80,000 detailed funder profiles, half a million recently awarded grants, RFPs, key staff affiliations, publications, news and job postings.
Freedonia Market Research
Available via Academic. Select “Advanced Search” and search ‘Freedonia’ in the Publisher field.


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Global Consumer Survey - Statista
The Global Consumer Survey module within Statista is based on a global survey of consumers about purchase behavior, media usage and brands. The survey provides data from more than 120,000 consumers, 28 countries, over 50 industries, and over 1400 brands.
Global Insight
see IHS Connect
Global Financial Data - GFDatabase
a collection of financial and economic data provided in ASCII or Excel format. Data includes: long-term historical indices on stock markets; Total Return data on stocks, bonds, and bills; interest rates; exchange rates; inflation rates; bond indices; commodity indices and prices; consumer price indices; and more. Users must create their own "New Member" Academic accounts. Click the “New Member” option at the page top to sign up.
Global New Issues (via SDC Platinum)
Available only via SDC Platinum software in Ford Library. Covers new security issues worldwide. word doc iconRead Before Using Global New Issues - the Global New issues module requires each user to make a small change in SDC Platinum's settings in order to successfully conduct a search.
Global Public Finance (via SDC Platinum)
Includes U.S. New Issues, Non-U.S. New Issues, MuniProfiles, and Refunding Candidates modules.
Replaced by Interstride.
Guidestar - Nonprofit Financial Data
covers 1.8 million IRS-recognized U.S. nonprofit organizations. Enables users to find a charity, benchmark a nonprofit's performance, research a particular nonprofit sector, and more. Login and registration on the Guidestar site is not required for Duke user access; but you must create a personal Guidestar account to download data in PDF and CSV formats.
Health Source Consumer
Includes searchable full text for over 150 consumer health journals, abstracts and indexing for nearly 175 general health, nutrition and professional health care publications, and more.


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I/B/E/S via WRDS
The Institutional Brokers Estimates System provides consensus and detail forecasts from security analysts, including earnings per share, revenue, cash flow, long-term growth projections and stock recommendations.
Provides an extensive collection of industry market research and industry risk ratings on U.S. industries. Reports focus on industry performance, outlook, products & markets, competitive landscape, major companies, operating conditions, and key statistics. Duke's subscribed content includes: Core NAICS US Industry Market Research Reports, iExpert Summary Reports, US Specialized Super Niche Industry Reports (Current & Future), China Industry Reports, and the Industry Wizard.
IHS Connect (formerly IHS Global Insight)
Presents market and finance data arranged by country. includes a country's financial profile, current political, economic, legal, operations, tax, and security risks news, & long term (5 year) financial projections.
IMF e-Library
contains IMF Statistical Databases with International Financial Statistics (IFS), Government Finance Statistics (GFS), Balance of Payments (BOPS), and Direction of Trade (DOTS)
InfoGroup U.S. Historical Business Data via WRDS
Provides a calendar year-end snapshot of local business data. It contains business identification, location, industry, corporation hierarchy, employment, sales, and other fields. Current coverage: 1997 - 2018. Select “InfoGroup” after connecting to WRDS.
Intelligize collects and integrates detailed SEC filings information along with related legal documents, regulatory, and corporate governance materials. Also included are firm memos, M&A, and Exempt Offering information. Due to cost constraints, Intelligize is only available to Fuqua students, faculty, and staff.
A one-stop-shop that empowers Duke students and alumni seeking both US and international employment by providing information on career opportunities, networking and mentorship, visa and immigration support, and much more.
ISS Directors Data via WRDS
Includes a range of variables related to individual board directors (e.g., name, age, tenure, gender, committee memberships, independence classification, primary employer and title, number of other public company boards serving on, shares owned, etc.).
ISS Governance Data via WRDS
The IRRC Governance database (also known as IRRC Takeover Defense database) provides information on takeover defense and other corporate governance provisions for major US firms. It also includes state takeover laws.
ISS Voting Analytics via WRDS
Includes the following modules: (1) Shareholder Proposals for Russell 3000 companies from 2006 to date; (2) US Company Vote Results for all governance shareholder proposals and all non-routine management proposals for Russell 3000 companies from 2003 to date; (3) ISS Voting Recommendations on (2); and (4) Mutual Fund Vote Records covering U.S. mutual fund voting records for all institutions filing the SEC form N-PX from 1/17/1926 - 6/30/2020*.  Data after 9/12/2019 available upon request .
The Institute for the Study of Security Markets (ISSM) database contains tick-by-tick data covering the NYSE and AMEX between 1983 and 1992, and NASDAQ between 1987 and 1992.
Kalorama Market Research
Available via Academic. Select “Advanced Search” and search ‘Kalorama’ in the Publisher field.
Leadership Connect fka Leadership Library
Online versions of the Leadership directory yellow books: Congressional yellow book, Federal yellow book, State yellow book, Municipal yellow book, Federal regional yellow book, Judicial yellow book, Corporate yellow book and more.
Lexis Nexis Academic
See Nexis Uni
LoPucki Bankruptcy Research Database - Cases Table
The UCLA-LoPucki Bankruptcy Research Database (BRD) Cases Table is an Excel “database” that contains regression-ready data on all of the more than one-thousand large public companies that have filed bankruptcy cases since October 1, 1979. Coverage includes cases filed under Chapter 7 and Chapter 11, whether filed by the debtors or creditors. The Cases table is updated monthly.


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MarketLine Advantage
Contains full text market research reports focusing on companies and broad industry sectors: consumer goods, energy, finance, healthcare, and technology. Market analysis and forecasting looks at major issues and threats for each sector with analytical commentary and data. Academic
Includes full-text market research reports on : Consumer Goods, Heavy Industry, Service Industries, the Public Sector, Life Sciences, Technology & Media, and Demographics. Our subscription includes reports from the following publishers: Packaged Facts, Kalorama Information, Simba, Freedonia, and Mind Commerce (1 year trial).
MarketsandMarkets Knowledge Store
Provides detailed niche market research reports on current mega trends and industries; including but not limited to: AI, Big Data & Analytics, Blockchain, IoT, Nanotechnology, and Wearables. Covered industries include Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Banking, Agriculture and more.
Medical information for health consumers including popular information from the National Institutes of Health and other sources on over 600 topics on medical conditions, diseases, and wellness.
Mergent FISD via WRDS
The Mergent Fixed Income Securities Database (FISD) is a comprehensive database of publicly-offered U.S. bonds. FISD contains issue details on over 140,000 corporate, corporate MTN (medium term note), supranational, U.S. Agency, and U.S. Treasury debt securities and includes more than 550 data items. FISD provides details on debt issues and the issuers.
Mergent Online Online Help
Duke's subscribed modules include: U.S. Company data, International Company data, D&B Private Company data, Global Industry Reports, and Investext Snapshot analyst reports.

Contains financial details of over 14,000 active and inactive U.S. public companies listed on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ exchanges. Archival data includes full business descriptions, histories and financial statements for more than 12,000 US companies that were acquired, went bankrupt, liquidated or merged out of existence from 1996 onward. International Company Data - covers over 27,000 non-U.S. active and inactive companies. Archival data includes financial information on 12,000 non-U.S. companies that were acquired, went bankrupt, liquidated or merged from 1995 onward.
Mergers & Acquisitions (via SDC Platinum)
Includes detailed data on US Targets, Non-US Targets, Joint Ventures/Alliances, and Repurchases. SDC Platinum is locally installed client-server software and is available only on Library Database Room Workstations LIBDB-07, LIBDB-08, & LIBDB-09.
Mind Commerce Market Research
Available via Academic. Select “Advanced Search” and search ‘Mind Commerce’ in the Publisher field.
Mintel Academic (Reports & Trends)
Adds over 600 market research reports into European, UK-specific and US consumer markets every year. more details ...
Morningstar CISDM via WRDS
Morningstar CISDM Database provides qualitative and quantitative information for more than 6,000 hedge funds, funds of funds and CTAs since 1994. In addition to current funds, the Morningstar CISDM Database includes a graveyard database of dead funds, which provides information for over 13,000 inactive hedge funds, funds of funds and CTAs.
Morningstar Investment Research Center
Intended for the individual investor, this database provides Morninstar's detailed financial analysis and performance forecasts of stocks and mutual funds.
National Establishment Time-Series High Technology Database (NETS-HiTech)
a historical database that provides time-series information on establishment sales growth performance, job creation and destruction, changes in primary markets, mobility patterns, and historical D&B ratings. It contains annual time-series of information for over 6.8 million U.S. high technology establishments from January 1990 to January 2020 as defined using the detailed 8-digit SIC classification system (over 18,500 industries).
Nexis Uni
Provides full text access to a wide range of U.S. and international newspapers, radio and television transcripts. Covers general, business, and legal information sources.
Nielsen Consumer Panel Data
includes longitudinal data beginning in 2004 with annual updates. These data track a panel of 40,000–60,000 US households and their purchases of fast-moving consumer goods from a wide range of retail outlets across all US markets. More ...  Access is currently available to ONLY the following user groups: tenured and tenure-track faculty, Postdoctoral students, and PhD students.
Nielsen Retail Scanner Data
consists of weekly pricing, volume, and store environment information generated by point-of-sale systems from more than 90 participating retail chains across all US markets. Data begin in 2006 and include annual updates. More ... Access is currently available to ONLY the following user groups: tenured and tenure-track faculty, Postdoctoral students, and PhD students.
Nielsen Scarborough Crosstab Reports
Nielsen Scarborough Crosstab Reports survey more than 210,000 people 18 years of age and older across the country to capture local consumer trends in large and mid-tier markets. With Nielsen Scarborough, you can examine consumer habits in areas such as: automotive, banking, beverages, internet, grocery, health care, home improvement, media, restaurants, retail, sports, and travel.


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OptionMetrics via WRDS
has historical price and implied volatility data for the US equity and index options markets. With more than six years of data, contains historical prices of options and their associated underlying instruments, correctly calculated implied volatilities, and option sensitivities.
Provides full year and interim financial information on over 200 million companies worldwide, including industrial companies, banks, and insurance companies. Now includes All Current First Level Shareholders and Subsidiaries. Select Bureau van Dijk after connecting to WRDS.
ORBIS covers over 200 million companies worldwide, with an emphasis on private company information, integrating information held across BvDEP's company information product range. ORBIS provides global standard report formats as well as descriptive information, and company financials, along with news, market research, ratings and country reports, scanned reports, ownership and M&A data.
ORBIS Bank Focus via WRDS
Information on public and private banks worldwide. This searchable database includes bank ratings reports, country risk ratings reports, news, and detailed ownership information and bank structures. Select Bureau van Dijk after connecting to WRDS.
ORBIS Historical Data
ORBIS Historical Data is a point-in-time snapshot of the ORBIS database. Financials are available from 1995 to December 2018. Ownership data is available from 2007 to December 2018. The Data are available in structured sets of tab delimited TXT, or SQL table files; and are updated twice yearly.
A comprehensive database of listed corporates, banks and insurance companies around the world. In addition to the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and ratios it contains news, ownership, ratings, earnings estimates and stock data. Contains data on approximately 80,000 companies. Select Bureau van Dijk after connecting to WRDS.
Packaged Facts Market Research
Available via Academic. Select “Advanced Search” and search ‘Packaged Facts’ in the Publisher field.
Passport (from Euromonitor)
A source of demographic, economic, and marketing statistics and research reports for over 200 countries. Provides volume and value market size data for 330 consumer products across 49 countries.
Provides end-to-end tracking of the global pharma R&D pipeline from bench to patient, including company development trends, global development status, and therapeutic class status. Citeline's Pharmaprojects contains 68,000+ drug profiles including 15,000 drugs in active development.
Search thousands of private equity and venture capital deals by hundreds of criteria. You can also use PitchBook to establish benchmarks, find real time data on deals, identify and analyze comparables, and search investor details.
Preqin via WRDS
Preqin covers all parts of VC / PE investing: the portfolio firm, the fund, and the investment firm. Over 78,000 portfolio firms are covered. Funds are classified by 8 different fund structures, 27 legal structures, 11 fund strategies, 11 performance metrics, and 49 deal descriptors. Performance metrics can include capital calls, distributions, fund values, investment multiples, and IRRs, among others. Investment firm details consist of fund strategies, sources of capital, general partner position, exit strategies, investment stage, firm size, and ownership details. - description sourced from WRDS
Preqin Pro
Preqin Pro provides access to private equity databases covering all aspects of the industry for all fund types, including buyout, venture capital, mezzanine, distressed, fund of funds, secondaries, natural resources and others. Preqin products cover fund performance, fundraising, buyout deals, fund manager profiles, fund terms and conditions, as well as institutional investors in private equity. Duke's subscription also includes an ESG data module.
PrivCo - Private Company Financial Intelligence
PrivCo provides detailed business and financial data on major, non-publicly traded corporations, including family owned, private equity owned, venture backed, and international unlisted companies.

Tip: After connecting to the PrivCo site, click the “Sign Up” button to create an account. You must use your Duke email account to sign up for PrivCo.
contains more than one million citations and summaries of journal articles, book chapters, books, dissertations and technical reports, all in the field of psychology.
Reference USA
Name changed to Data Axle.
Reference USA Historical Business Data Files
The ReferenceUSA historical business data collection provides detailed data on the characteristics of US businesses in operation from 1997 through 2014. Each yearly downloadable datafile has from 78 to 94 variables, including: business name, contact name, phone number, address, state and county FIPS codes, latitude and longitude coordinates, NAICS, SIC, franchise codes, # of employees, and sales volume. (view Complete Variable List) Each annual data file is several gigabytes in size; and will require access to SAS or STATA to manipulate and query the data.
RepRisk ESG Data via WRDS
A comprehensive dataset covering the environmental, social, and governance (esg) risks and business conduct of about 14,000 publicly traded companies. Duke subscribes to the “Public Companies with News (Standard Package)” data set option on WRDS. Learn more about RepRisk data ..
RKMA Market Research Handbooks - Current Editions | Archive Editions
Market research handbooks downloadable in PDF format covering the following market sectors: Casinos, Gaming & Wagering, Consumer Behavior, Entertainment, Media & Advertising, Healthcare Business, International Consumers, Leisure, Restaurant, Food & Beverage, Retail Business, Sports, Travel & Tourism.


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S&P Capital IQ
Contains comprehensive fundamental and quantitative company research and analysis.
S&P ExecuComp via WRDS
ExecuComp is part of the Compustat suite and contains corporate executive compensation data from 1992 - 2003.
S&P Global NetAdvantage
A comprehensive database of financial information, covering corporate research, competitive analysis, investment information, and industry analysis. read more ...
SDC Platinum
This locally installed software is a search portal providing access to data on Global New Issues, venture capital firms, VC deals, executives, mergers & acquisitions. SDC Platinum is available only on Library Database Room Workstations LIBDB-07, LIBDB-08, & LIBDB-09.
(WRDS) SEC Analytics Suite
Allows users to develop tailored datasets from all SEC filings, parsing millions of regulatory reports based on your custom criteria. WRDS SEC Analytics Suite is useful for broad business usage from due diligence and forensic accounting to disclosure research and investment management.
Simba Market Research
Available via Academic. Select “Advanced Search” and search ‘Simba’ in the Publisher field.
Simmons Local Consumer Insights via SimplyAnalytics
Provides market research data from 2013-2019 for America’s 210 media markets on a local level with 60,000+ data variables, including over 450 categories and 8,000 specific brands. Select “Browse by DataSet > Simmons > SimmonsLOCAL US” from the BROWSE BY: menu at the left after logging into the site. read more ...
SimplyAnalytics (fka SimplyMap)
SimplyAnalytics is a web-based data mapping application that lets users quickly create professional-quality thematic maps and reports using powerful demographic, business, and marketing data.
SNL Financial
SNL Financial provides comprehensive data, news and analytics for public and private companies in banking, financial services, insurance, real estate, energy, and media & communications.

Duke's subscribed modules are limited to data on banks and thrifts, credit default swaps, financial services, healthcare, insurance, loan market share, and financial demographic and demand data.
Provides access to downloadable statistics and studies gathered by market researchers, trade organizations, scientific publications, and government sources on over 600 industries.
Statista Global Consumer Survey
The Global Consumer Survey module within Statista is based on a global survey of consumers about purchase behavior, media usage and brands. The survey provides data from more than 120,000 consumers, 28 countries, over 50 industries, and over 1400 brands.
StreetEvents via Thomson ONE
Contains full text transcripts of analyst calls and meetings, earnings calls, presentations, and more events related to companies and industries.
The Trade and Quote (TAQ) database contains daily intraday transactions data (trades and quotes) for all securities listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and American Stock Exchange (AMEX), as well as Nasdaq National Market System (NMS) and SmallCap issues.
Thomson ONE
Requires MS Internet Explorer 11 for access. Read more important technical requirements ... - Contains more than 6 million source documents from various databases, including: Disclosure, Worldscope, MarkIntel market research, I/B/E/S, and more. Provides data for corporate research, competitive analysis, and investment information. Includes comprehensive financial data on U.S. and international public companies. Access limited to 20 simultaneous users.
Thomson Reuters Insider Filings via WRDS
Contains 5 datasets that provide long term data on company insider stock and derivative transactions, Form 144 filings, average return data, and an Amendment concordance.
Thomson Reuters Institutional (13f) Holdings via WRDS
contains over 36 million data observations on the common stock holdings and transactions of over 4,300 institutional money management (and mutual fund) companies.
Thomson Reuters Mutual Fund Holdings via WRDS
provides long term data on securities holdings by mutual funds.


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Value Line Research Center
Provides access to the classic Value Line Investment Survey company reports as well as the full text of many other Value Line publications.
A premium account will give you access to: Downloadable Career Guides, Employer profiles and rankings, All discussion boards, Industry blogs and news covering the latest trends and issues, Diversity, green programs and leadership development profiles, and Vault's job board, which matches employers and recruiters with top talent.
Due to cost constraints, access is only available to Fuqua School of Business students, faculty, and staff.

VentureXpert (SDC)
VentureXpert covers venture capital firms, VC deals, executives, and mergers & acquisitions. Includes all available industry resources and statistics except NVCA Free Reports.
The Wall Street Journal Online (
Ford Library and Goodson Law Library have provided the Duke Community with access to personal accounts on, the online Wall Street Journal. All current Duke University students, faculty, and staff are eligible.
Wall Street Journal - Digitized Newspaper (fka Wall Street Journal Digital Microfilm)
Contains a searchable index and full image PDFs of the complete Wall Street Journal newspaper, including advertisements, special sections, graphics, and stock quote pages. Daily issues available from January 2008 to current, minus 60 day publication delay.
Web of Science (SSCI and SCI)
Provides access to the Social Science Citation Index, Science Citation Index, and many more indices to journal literature across multiple subject areas. Read more ...
World Bank Data Catalog
Provides a comprehensive selection of economic, social and environmental indicators, drawing on data from the World Bank and more than 30 partner agencies. The database covers more than 900 indicators for 210 economies with data back to 1960.
Contains more than 40 million records describing items owned by libraries around the world. Each record contains library holdings.
Wharton Research Data Services is a data search portal that provides access to 30 different datasets covering company, industry, capital market, and economic data.
Zephyr contains M&A, IPO and venture capital deal data with links to detailed company financial information. It has information on approximately 1.6 million transactions with over 100,000 being added annually.

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