Interstride is a one-stop-shop that empowers Duke students and alumni seeking both US and international employment by providing information on career opportunities, networking and mentorship, visa and immigration support, and much more.

How To Access It
  1. After reviewing the information below, click the button at the bottom of this page to connect to Interstride.
  2. Current Students: enter your Duke email address on the Interstride landing page.
    Alumni: If you have not already done so, we recommend that you create a Duke OneLink account before connecting. You can also begin registration with any valid webmail address, but you will need to create a OneLink account to continue.
  3. At the Duke login page, current students should enter their Duke Net ID and password to continue.
    Alumni should select the OneLink option to continue.
  4. After authenticating on the Duke page above, complete the Interstride registration form. After registration is complete, you should receive your Interstride login information.
About Interstride Accounts
  • To allow you to access and register at Interstride, Duke may share some basic identifying information (name, email, graduation year) with Interstride to verify your eligibility to access the Interstride site. When you complete registration at Interstride, you may also need to provide similar or additional information.
  • By accessing the Interstride site and registering there, you acknowledge that any information shared by Duke or you with Interstride will be governed by Interstride's Privacy Policy.

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