Library Staff Directory

Main Desk: 919-660-7875
Reference Desk: 919-660-3795

Note: An institutional hiring freeze is currently in effect for some of the vacant positions below.

Name Title Contact For Email Phone
Amy Brennan Collection Services Librarian library fine payments, book check out, book renewal-return questions, print reserve items, student staff questions, interlibrary borrowing and lending 660-7873
Open Position - Apply online Library Assistant (Sr.) - Collection Services library fine payments, book check out, book renewal-return questions, print reserve items, interlibrary borrowing and lending. Contact the Collection Services Librarian for assistance.
Carlton Brown Library Director recommending data, database, or other library purchases, library policy and procedural questions, research assistance 660-7871
Julianna Harris Resource Analytics Librarian online resource data management, data lifecycle management, invoice and billing questions, accounts payable 660-7870
Jane Day Associate Director & Manager of Public Services research assistance, database instruction, library tours, and user education 660-7874
Paula Robinson Reference & Document Delivery Librarian research assistance, document delivery, database instruction 660-7942
Vacant position Associate Director & Manager of IT Services web site questions/suggestions, database access and instruction, data lifecycle management, library computer support, research assistance, research data acquisitions Contact the Library Director for assistance 660-7871
Bethany Costello Resource Access Librarian new materials cataloging, online catalog records maintenance, data lifecycle management, research assistance and database instruction Bethany Costello 660-8016
Vacant Position Acquisitions & Serials Librarian books & journals on order, print and e-journal management NA
Astrid Cook-Dail Public Service & Outreach Librarian collections & services promotion, collection maintenance, research assistance 660-7872